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The St. Croix Educational Complex High School (SCECHS) is a comprehensive four-year high school serving grades 9-12. SCECHS is part of a modern state of the art facility known as the St. Croix Educational Complex that is divided into two sections: The St. Croix Educational Complex High School (SCECHS) and The St. Croix Career and Technical School. Constructed in 1993-1994 and situated on 80 acres, the two schools are connected by a huge central corridor that can also be accessed separately. Centrally located in Kingshill, SCECHS is opposite the St. Croix campus of the University of the Virgin Islands.

Mission Statement

The St. Croix Educational Complex High School is committed to providing educational experiences that are

Student centered,

Technologically competitive,

Academically rigorous and

Relevant, so that they can become

Successful members of the local and global communities.


We Believe...

  1. All students can learn 

  2. Teaching and learning is an integrated process 

  3. Our instruction should provide engaging, relevant, and inclusive experiences 

  4. In a student-centered environment that accommodates diverse learning styles 

  5. The integrating of technology into the learning process is essential  

  6. Family involvement enhances student success 

  7. Collaboration among stakeholders improves teacher effectiveness and student achievement 

  8. School leadership is a shared responsibility among all stakeholders 

  9. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities and programs enriches student performance  

  10.  Understanding the community’s culture is essential for students’ success.

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