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Alumni Testimonials

Candid insight from former students on their experiences while attending the

St. Croix Educational Complex


Class of 2014  


Marc-Anthony Tirado 

Class of 2012  

NCCER Millwright Vocational Program  


Of all the inspiring figures I looked up to during my time at SCEC, Ms. Florence Marsh inspired me most. Ms. Marsh took the time to build a relationship with every one of her students. She went about situations with the utmost compassion and guided individuals on their life paths. To reminisce on my high school years and on memories that will remain with me for a lifetime, I would like to take a moment to thank her for her efforts towards helping mold me into the man I am today.  


Some friendly words of advice to my fellow SCEC family, always stay true to who you really are. Build lifelong bonds with the people that have your back and support you despite the obstacle or challenge. Those who make you feel safe and loved for being you, cherish them. Life has its way of knocking you down but always remember, those very lessons will help mold you into the individual who’s ready to take on the world. 

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LaToya Benjamin-Thompson 

Class of 2011 

Golden Key National Honor Society, Magnet Program 

SCEC has made me who I am today. I attended the St. Croix Educational Complex under the leadership of Mr. Kurt Vialet. His leadership was noticed, and he kept SCEC as a safe environment conducive to learning.  I know now SCEC is under the leadership of Mr. Rodney Moorehead. I had the pleasure of him being the principal while I worked at the John H Woodson School as a math educator, so I know you are in good hands.  I became a teacher because of the teachers that I had while attending SCEC.  There are many teachers that have influenced me in a positive way. Ms. Marsh, Mrs. Ramos, Ms. Dariah, Mr. H, Ms. Gibbs, Ms. Santos, Ms. King, Mr. Smith, Mr. Harris, just to name a few. Please forgive me if I didn’t include your name, if you taught me just know that I love you and you have made a major difference in my life.    Mr. H and Ms. King made math learning fun for me. I decided to become a math teacher because of them.  I also wanted to make math learning fun, easy yet challenging for other students.  The teachers at SCEC truly care about the students’ well-being and up to this day I keep in contact with all of my teachers. They are now considered family. I honestly love them, and I am grateful for everything that they each have taught me.  
My philosophy in life has and will always be, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Some words of inspiration I would like to leave with you is that Keep trying and don’t give up. There is always someone there ready and willing to support you. Be an advocate for your own learning and find a mentor teacher to help keep you on track as you embark on your journey with the Best High school on St. Croix!

Go Barras!!  

Once a Barra, Always a Barra!! 


Class of 2015

Sand Dunes

Malcolm Stephen

Class of 2010

During my time there I participated in the concert band, marching band, JV basketball, varsity soccer, Math & Science quiz bowl team and the Academic Quiz Bowl team. SCEC & my teachers at SCEC laid a foundation that has carried me throughout the years. They instilled a sense of hard work and let me know that I was capable if I worked hard. Some words of advice to fellow SCEC students; Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and grow. Step out of your comfort zone as often as you can and continue to try new things. You’ll do your most growing and learning when you’re uncomfortable. Also, be patient with yourself, everyone’s journey and timing aren’t the same so if you’re not seeing the same successes as those around you right now, don’t give up. Your time is coming if just you keep going! 


Class of 1998


Elle A. Nielsen

Class of 2010

ELL Testimonials.jpg

Magnet Program, AP Student,
English Honor Society, Art Honor Society, SCEC Dance Squad, Marching Band Dancer, and School-to-work Program participant

I was molded by some of the greatest educators to walk the halls of the St. Croix Educational Complex where I was taught that my education equated to progressive character development and engendered the confidence to be successful in any profession that I had chosen.

“In anything that you do, do it from the heart and with passion. Pursue things with the main goal of excelling and not doing things just to get by”.


Kurrisa Vialet

Class of 2009

My name is Kurrisa Vialet and I am a proud graduate of the St. Croix Educational Complex’s Class of 2009. When I was 4 years old my Father, Kurt Vialet, was selected to be the first principal of SCEC, because of that I was a Barracuda long before I actually became one. As I entered high school, I kept that same school pride I knew from growing up and tagging along with my dad. I became super involved in many organizations including serving as our Class Vice President, revamping the Close-Up Club with my classmates of which I served as president, and the one that’s my personal favorite founding the TrashBusters Clean Up Crew. Then of course I was a big Complex sports fan and attended as many lunch league, basketball, volleyball, and football games as possible.

I learned and grew a lot at SCEC. I can proudly state that I am where I am today because of the foundation that I gained as a Math and Science Magnet Student at Complex. In the magnet program being exposed to higher level math and science classes definitely gave myself and many of my classmates the foundation and exposure we needed to pass STEM based classes in college. With great classes, came great educators, I’ll definitely have to give a shout out to Ms. Lewis, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Whelan (RIP), Ms. Gibbs, Ms. Nichols, Mr. Heywood, Ms. Williams, Mr. Miller, Mr. Harris (RIP), Mr. Mayo (RIP), Mrs. Ramos, Mr. Jones, Ms. Hansen, and Ms. Miray.

Currently my motto in life is “never lose your ambition and don’t become your own obstacle.” The world is out there for all of us to carve out our space in it. As a student that personally saw Complex grow from the newest high school in the territory to the powerhouse it is today; I can confidently say that every Complex graduate should be armed with the knowledge and foundation to find their space in this world, as long as you use the knowledge gained as a steppingstone to keep pushing for a brighter future!
The St. Croix Educational Complex is all that and then some! Its lives up to the hype, academically, athletically, artistically, socially and in every other category there is to measure up in. The St. Croix Educational Complex truly is a home away from home.

-Kurrisa Vialet
Class of 2009


Class of 2017

Back to School

Kyminis Vialet

Class of 2012

Born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands to Kurt and Wanda Vialet, I am Kyminis Elainea Vialet, the youngest of two children in my family. I was fortunate to spend three of my high school years with my Father, Kurt Vialet, as the Principal of the St. Croix Educational Complex High School before I graduated with Honors in the Class of 2012. The discipline learned while being a member of the Dr. Ruth H. Beagles National Honors Society, the Close-Up Program, the SCEC Band Program as the Section Leader of the Flag Girls and then challenged to represent my Senior Class at the Moot Court’s competition inspired me to be better than I actually thought. Teachers at SCEC to name a few: Ms. Marsh, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Gonzaque, Mr. Harris, Mr. Mayo and Mr. Heywood weren’t only concerned about students getting good grades but, were an integral part in ensuring success and encouraged us to fulfill our potential. Today I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Health Communication and a Minor in Public Health. I am currently employed as a Licensed Insurance Agent with Aetna Medicare Advantage and presently enrolled in Nursing school. My inspirational personal philosophy is, “No one gets to decide who you are except for you. No one gets to tell you how capable you are or who you can become….” ~ Nikki Banas.


Class of 2011

Makeda Okolo

Class of 2002

My name is Makeda Okolo, and I am a member of SCEC’s Class of 2002, “With Success in Our View!” During high school, I pursued the Magnet track and served as Class President helping to lead successful fundraisers, and fun activities such as a Senior Exchange Day with Charlotte Amalie High School, Talent and Basketball competitions and SCEC’s first ever, Introductory Night, to name a few. Though nearly 20 years have passed since graduation, my high school memories at SCEC remain among my favorite of all time. When I look back, I realize that the lessons learned, and friendships cultivated while at Complex served as an incredible foundation for everything life has offered to date. My advice to current and future SCEC students is to never wait for perfect to start working towards your dreams, for the longest journey always begins with the first step. And whenever in doubt, ask yourself, if not you, then who? If not now, then when? You are more than capable and enough - and will always be successful in all that you do!

Paper Clips

Vynisha Charles

Class of 2012


Class of 2012


Class of 2014

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