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Since 1999, the St. Croix Educational Complex High School has been accredited by the Middle States Association Commissions (MSA). The purpose of accreditation is to validate educational quality and to ensure that students receive a superior education. The Middle States Association (MSA) evaluates schools holistically. MSA assesses whether or not to accredit a school based on its performance in 12 important areas listed below:

  1. Mission Standard

  2. Governance and Leadership Standard

  3. School Improvement Planning Standard

  4. Finances Standard

  5. Facilities Standard

  6. School Organization and Staff Standard

  7. Health and Safety Standard

  8. Educational Program Standard

  9. Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning Standard

  10. Student Services Standard

  11. Student Life and Activities Standard

  12. Information Resources Standard

We are using the MSA protocol Excellence By Design. (EXBD). According to the Middle States Association Commission, “ExBD is an accreditation protocol that uses strategic planning as a vehicle for growth and improvement in student performance and in the school’s capacity to effect that growth. The protocol, developed by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), links various planning and school growth and improvement efforts. Excellence by Design leads the school to establish objectives for improving student performance and organizational capacity based on its vision of a preferred future for its students. Therefore, Excellence by Design is a future-oriented and visionary process. In addition, the protocol provides for a continuous review of programs and services and of the results of student performance. It also allows diverse constituent groups to participate in charting the future of the institution.”

B.    Internal Coordinators

Mrs. Linda James, Ms. Cassandra King, and Ms. Chaselle McConnell are the Internal Coordinators for Accreditation. These educators have exhibited exceptional leadership and organizational skills. They were selected for their dedication to our school. They are qualified for this critical role for their dependability, tenacity, flexibility, adaptability, and interpersonal skills. The Internal Coordinators are advised by Mrs. Nicole Girard, one of our administrator.

Accreditation Overview
Coordinators & Planning Team
Linda James

Linda James

Science Educator

Cassandra King

Cassandra King

Mathematics Educator

Chaselle McConnell

Chaselle McConnell

Spanish Educator

Nicole Girard

Nicole Girard

Accreditation Administrator

The Planning Team

The Planning Team supervises the accreditation process. The Team is tasked with determining the school's strengths and weaknesses and then using that information to guide in the school's overall improvement. This data is used to assist in the development of our student performance and organizational capacity objectives and Action Plans. The Planning Team is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Contribute to developing/reviewing/revising the school’s mission, beliefs, profile of graduates, and student performance objectives 

  • Keep the community informed of the Planning Team’s Progress; serve as a conduit for input and feedback

  • Serve as a chair of one subcommittee (12 members)

  • Meet with the Visiting Team during its visit to the school 

  • Participate actively in the Annual Review process 

  • Help to oversee the work of Action Plan Teams and Implementation Teams 

  • Assure that successes and accomplishments of the Action Plans are celebrated

C.    Foundational Documents


Mission Statement

The St. Croix Educational Complex High School is committed to providing educational experiences that are Student centered, Technologically competitive, Academically rigorous and Relevant, so that they can become Successful members of the local and global communities. SCECHS STARS




We Believe:

  1. All students can learn

  2. Teaching and learning is an integrated process

  3. Our instruction should provide engaging, relevant, and inclusive experiences

  4. In a student-centered environment that accommodates diverse learning styles

  5. The integrating of technology into the learning process is essential

  6. Family involvement enhances student success

  7. Collaboration among stakeholders improves teacher effectiveness and student achievement

  8. School leadership is a shared responsibility among all stakeholders

  9. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities and programs enriches student performance

  10. Understanding the community’s culture is essential for students’ success



Profile of Graduates 

St. Croix Educational Complex High School (SCECHS) graduates will be 21st century learners who are intellectually equipped, motivated individuals who have the academic prowess and/or vocational and technical training to become productive citizens in the community and the world. They will possess strength of character that will enable them to work collaboratively as part of a team of people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. These graduates will possess social, academic, technological literacy, and life skills that will enable them to pursue healthy lifestyles and become globally sound citizens.

Graduates will become critical thinkers and problem solvers who are:

  • Focused, innovative, creative, and goal driven

  • Socio-emotionally intelligent 

  • Confident and literate oral communicators

  • Cultural and community advocates

As graduates of SCECHS, students will be armed with college and career readiness skills gained through a rigorous curriculum designed to develop useful skills: 

 Literacy skills that will enable them to: 

  • Read, interpret, and evaluate information across the curriculum 

  • Communicate effectively, verbally and in writing 

  • Use technology to communicate effectively

  • Read, comprehend, and communicate proficiently in one foreign language


Mathematical/reasoning skills that will enable them to: 

  • Model and solve real world problems using standard mathematical principles 

  • Apply mathematics in different disciplines 


As graduates of SCECHS, students should possess character, demonstrated by the following traits: self-confidence, persistence, curiosity, self-control, conscientiousness, grit, respect for self and others, honesty, dependability, and a positive attitude.  


Furthermore, our students will reflect on being Brilliant, Ambitious, Respectful, Responsible, and Accountable scholars, SCECHS BARRA STARS.



  • Accreditation helps our school to continue to grow and improve.

  • Accreditation ensures that our school is providing a higher education for our students.

  • For any student to receive and use federal aid they must graduate from an accredited school.

  • Accreditation sets the bar for our school to provide what we need, to be successful.

  • Our students deserve the highest level of educational excellence possible.

  • Accreditation gets the entire school to work together and focus on continuous 

  • Improvement.

  • Accreditation gives us pride in our school.



Everyone; it is a community-wide effort to make our school the best 

It’s about you! 

It’s about me!

Accreditation is about al ah we!  

Our school will be hosting the Middle States Visiting Team virtually on Monday, March 21 until Thursday, March 24, 2022.   The Visiting Team’s work involves meeting with the Planning Team, students, parents, teachers, administrators, as well as members of the Virgin Islands Department of Education central office. Meetings will be scheduled during the visit and along with the observations of the school’s operations. The MSA Visiting Team will validate their findings and report them to the Middle State Accreditation commission after the visit. Our school will be informed of its accreditation status in December 2022 after a thorough and multi-tiered review process by MSA. 


Our school has been preparing for this accreditation visit throughout the 2018-2019 school-year by preparing a Self-Study and a review process led by the MSA Planning Team and our Internal Coordinators, Ms. Linda James, Ms. Cassandra King, and Ms. Chaselle McConnell.  The accreditation team would like to thank all the school stakeholders for their support and commitment to the St. Croix Educational Complex High School.

Foundational Documents
Why Accrediation?
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